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Ken Ginter has a long history as an entrepreneur with management experience in the RV, Mobile Home and Transit industry. He completed a couple of successful factory startups in addition to operational management and has a degree in Industrial Management (CIM), graduating from the University of Manitoba in 1974.

Nomad Transportation LLC was established by Ken & Rose Ginter in Mesa, AZ in 1988. The company initially started business refurbishing shuttle buses. Within two years a market segment in used and refurbished trolleys, trackless trains, and trams was identified. In 1990 the first trolley was purchased, refurbished and sold. This marked the beginning of the transition into the trolley and tram business with annual sales running between twelve and twenty units a year. Nomad enjoys an excellent reputation with the industry and their customers.

We specialize in sales of new, used and refurbished trams, trolleys, and trackless trains. We also have the ability to refurbish or modify customers' equipment. Projects have included mobile ATM equipment in a trolley to gourmet coffee houses in a trolley configuration.

We also offer consignment sales of customers trolleys and trams on a selective basis. We prefer to inspect all consignment units to ensure proper representation to potential customers.