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1965 Chevelle Z16 Recreation,
Now for sale - $49,000.00.

(Photos below - click on any image for a larger view)

Having had a Z16 on my bucket list since 1965 and only being able to afford a Nova SS at the time and not being willing to pay the going price of $200K plus I decided to build a recreation. The idea was to make it as authentic looking as possible and the ultimate goal was to have it "visually correct".

I purchased a rust free SS 138 model in Sacramento CA, and then spent four years gathering all the Z16 specific parts for it. The car was completely disassembled and a complete rotisserie restoration was done on it. Items that were specific to the 65 Z16 and on this recreation are:

There were only three colors available for the Z16, red, yellow and black. This one being painted the correct Crocus Yellow with black interior.

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