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Custom Built Trackless Train
52 Passenger

Street Legal with Alaska Titles
Current DOT inspection and stickers
Always Garaged, Regular Maintenance
Restoration Just Completed

  • Built in 1990, 52 passengers,
  • Locomotive and two coaches, black and red,
  • Total length - 61.1',
  • Estimated total hours - 6,500,

  • Locomotive:
  • Built on GM 3/4-Ton chassis,
  • 350 gas engine,
  • Automatic transmission, new in 1997,
  • Runs with transfer case locked on low side,
  • Normal operating range, 1,500 to 2,000 PRM,
  • Hinged cow catcher for ease of raising engine hood,
  • Hood tips forward with hydraulic assist,
  • Sound system with amp and microphones in engine cab,
  • Narrator's rear-facing seat in engine cab,
  • Total locomotive length, 16.5',

  • Trailers:
  • Two trailers, total capacity 52 passengers,
  • Passengers trailers now totally enclosed with safety glass.
  • Upholstered and cushioned seats,
  • Aluminum tread plate floors,
  • Two step fold-down steps,
  • Coach length, 22.3' each,
  • PA system in coaches,
  • Electric brakes with electric safety breakaway brakes on each trailer,

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